Sara Courter NC, RYT

Holistic Health Practitioner

Writer ➳ Certified Nutritionist ➳ Yoga Teacher


Sara's intention is to foster a holistically healthy lifestyle for her clients. She's acutely sensitive to the reality that, as human beings, each body is divinely unique. No two people are exactly the same. Therefore no two approaches to health should be exactly the same. 

As a Holistic Nutritionist, trained wellness counselor and yoga teacher, Sara's role is to help you navigate your own vibrant, brilliant uniqueness. Sara provides guidance, counseling and support in discovering one's own highest wellness through what she has found to be the framework for a holistically healthy lifestyle. Sara cares deeply about holistic health and it is an honor for her to share this passion with the world. 

You are already completely, inherently perfect. Sara's function is merely to help you discover and unlock the lifestyle and tools that will provide you with the healthiest, most comfortable mind, body and spirit in which to navigate the rest of your beautiful life.

Helping you manifest bliss, harmony and abundance…one long, smooth breath at a time.





"Let food be thy medicine."